Eco Park Costa Blanca


Spain’s premier Eco Park is located on 6 acres in the beautiful Teulada /Moraira area of the Costa Blanca. Opening in 2023, Eco Park Costa Blanca comprises of a collection of approximately 60 eco-friendly holiday homes that run on renewable energy and are designed for minimal enviromental impact. The holiday homes will offer an immersive experience in the stunning Spanish landscape.


Ecotourism is one of the fastest growing sectors of tourism, simply because many people appreciate the idea of  being in nature, protecting the enviroment and making a positive impact while enjoying their holiday. It’s a perfect win-win, which is why Eco Park Costa Blanca is creating a sustainable holiday destination people closer to the enjoyment and natural beauty of the Costa Blanca.


Triple A Houses is known for its design and construction of innovative and environmentally sustainable luxury homes, which is why Eco Park Costa Blanca is such a natural fit. We know that design decisions, those made at the start of a project, largely determine how much energy will be required to operate a building. This is why we’ve integrated passive design features into the holiday Eco Park from the earliest stages of the design process to minimize the environmental impact.

Eco Park Costa Blanca is located on 25.000 m2 of beautiful lush coastal land. The site conditions, such as the natural vegetation, patterns of water runoff and seasonal water tables, and the direction of prevailing winds at different times of the year, have an important bearing on how the Eco Park is sited and built.

Water conservation has become vital all over the world, even in places where water seems abundant. That’s because our water resources are finite, and they are getting smaller every year. Eco Park Costa Blanca is incorporating water catchment, as well as water conservation systems throughout the Eco Park Costa Blanca.

Eco Park Costa Blanca uses solar panels to produce sustainable energy, greatly reducing the carbon footprint of the holiday park. We’ve also paid close attention to the solar orientation of the holiday homes when designing the Eco Park. The reason is not just for the placement of the solar panels but to incorporate a wonderful passive solar design strategy that has a powerful effect on the level of comfort in within the holiday homes and also on the energy use.