Project Management

Our mission is to build you a home that is a perfect fit for your lifestyle. Our approach, insight and early incorporation of innovations, results in a smarter, more elegant and enhanced living experience.


The Triple A Houses approach to project management involves exploring every detail of a project to uncover how we can maximize the financial and physical strength of the development strategy. Each project is matched with a personal manager that guides your project and works in close relationship with you throughout the process.

To us your home is not just a “project”. We work hard to achieve the best quality of services and our clients appreciate us for that. Relationships are our strength, and the arena where we add security and value unlike anyone else on the Costa Blanca.

We have built detailed strategies on how to maximize the performance of a project team (architects, engineers, financing partners, legal, third party consultants, etc.) and guide your development and design choices to build an asset that is attractive, has strong financial performance, provides an attractive asset to the community and has longevity in the market.

On a design-build project,  your Triple A Houses’ Design Manager provides insight, guidance, and leadership to both the design itself, and the execution of that design — from the creation of project scope and contract agreements, through preconstruction and beyond.



We work in close partnership with the Arquiforma Architectural Company. This  partnership allows for a unique yet practical design, as well as the obtaining of permits from the municipality.

The design is then conceptualized through a 3D presentation so that you will get a perfect idea of ​​the end result.